98 yz 400 clutch ?

Sorry if this is ignorant...but I picked up a 98 yz400f cheap to try out a 4 stroke, before I buy a new one and give up my 2 stroke. Anyway I changed the oil and put 20-50 weight in it, as I have a tendency to be hard on engines and now the bike creeps in first and I don't think the clutch ever fully disengages (very sticky). Is this caused by the weight of the oil? it did not do it prior to the oil change. Perhaps I need to put a new clutch plates etc.....but if I can go back to a lighter oil and solve the problem short term that would be great. Your wisdom/experience is appreciated.

Cheers, MTB

Sounds like you may have used Energy Conserving oil in it (it has moly that makes the clutch slip). What oil did you use?

ya pretty much every brand that u can get at your local walmart is energy conserving. Great for cars, bad for bikes. Id suggest shell rotilla.

Problem fixed trade it for a 450, but it was Silkolene four stroke oil.

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