Yz 426 Dual Sport Help

I know I am in the WR forum bu the yz guys have yet to helpo me out. I have successfully gotten a florida tag for my 01 426 legally. In moto form. I would like to attempt to make it half way legal for riding on national forest roads and so forth. Does any one have detailed instructions of exactly what they did to thier bikes for this. All I am looking to do is have a high/low headlight and a running/brake light. I have found the electrex stator and think that is the one I am going with. Has anyone used this one? I am going to attempt to piece together a kit as I think that will be a lot cheaper. Any help is appreciated. :ride:

That is a great website. It will really help my build my own kit. Where did you get the battery from? Also where did you mount the battery? I like everything that you did. I have already gottten my headlight, tail light, and my switch from ebay. I just got my tag today. Do you know what the exact bike equipment requirements in florida are. I went to the dmv website and it is pretty vague. I will have a high/low headlight and a running tail light/brake light. From what I can tell is that all I need. I don't think that it is a requirment to have turn signals is it? Thanks for the help. :ride:

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