Why is my throttle so shitty?

Seems like my throttle is just a POS in general. Dirt gets in it even if I don't fall, the housing rubs the tube which makes it stick, and I have tried everything to remedy it, but I think its just flawed design. It seems like Yamaha didn't put much thought into this part of the bike. Anyone else have this problem? I'm pretty anal when it comes to stuff like this, everything needs to be perfect. Is there any way I can just replace the whole thing with a CR throttle assembly or something? I can't stand it! :ride:

If you have ever fallen and tore a grip, especially on the left side, dirt can get inside the handlebar. Since the bar is hollow, the dirt will work it's way to the throttle side and cause your problem. The solution is to remove the throttle and left grip, clean out your bar, and plug each end with silicone. This will prevent dirt from ever getting inside the bar and into your throttle tube.

Check out my sig. Ride an older XR 600 and then tell me your throttle sucks.

It's like doing arm curls. :ride:

yes buy either a oberg or protaper - throttle tube with the bearing, new grips and maybe a new throttle cable...it will be perfect :ride:

Agree with ga426 & wheel. You need a couple of things to get rid of this, and to be able to manage it in the future:

A) Make a trip to Home Depot and get a can of liquid spray foam....spray it in both ends of your bars and let it dry over night. This will minimize dirt getting inside of your bars, thus minimizing the transfer of dirt and debris into your throttle tube. It will also assist in minimizing the transfer of vibration from the bar to your arm. :ride:

:busted: Purchase a Pro-Taper Aluminum ball bearing throttle tube (approx. $79). I suggest taking your bars to the shop when you purchase the throttle tube as you will need the adapter that centers the throttle tube on the bar. For some reason, especially on Renthals, the inner diameter will vary from bar to bar.

C) Once you have done all the above, and are sure you have the right parts, take a piece of fine grit sand paper and completely lightly sand over the area where you will mount your throttle tube....make sure you get all the crap off. Then clean it with brake cleaner, let it sit for about 10 minutes, then apply a very thin layer of wd40. Again, just a very thin layer as you don't want it real wet.

D) Mount the throttle tube, apply your glue/grips, then wire them down. It will be real smooth....like butter. :banana:

E) I also suggest taking your throttle tube off from time to time, clean it out, and re-apply.

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