gytr clutch cover

anybody use one if these? i am just wondering if the finish holds up better than stock.

The OEM cover is painted, The GYT-R is anodized (I think), and the raised letters will help keep your boots off the black surface. Better probably, but it will still get scuffed up, I would think.

The main reason these exist is to address the vulnerability of the stock magnesium cover to having a footpeg shoved through it in a pile up. They're heavier and stronger.

In combo with the GYTR hub, pp, and basket the GYTR cover is designed to send oil back through the passages similar to the complete hinson. I am considering adding one to my full hinson internal set up hub,pp,basket....or the hinson cover.

Greyracer do you see benefit to the hinson cover or the GYTR for either full GYTR or hinson clutches?

Theoretically, yes, but I'm not certain how much oil actually flies around the pressure plate on a running YZF, being a dry sump and all. You already know that oil is pumped through the mainshaft and into the clutch boss, so maybe the cover redirects some of that back to the clutch. It can't hurt in any case, and they do look way cool.

When I asked about the necessity of Hinson cover, this is what they replied:

"The clutch cover is not mandatory. It has the same coating as the rest of the parts that we sell. It is made out of aluminum so it does help dissipate heat, the other thing is it doesn't wear like your stock cover so it stays looking nicer. Other than that their is no real advantage".

Since the GYTR cover is made by Hinson, I would guess the above applies for it too.

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