Uk Wr450f Info

Well that told me! Just got off the phone with Yamaha UK Technical and they have somewhat slapped my wrists for asking about the AIS removal. The y say '' That removing the AIS system would render the Bike illegal as it would not pass the UK emmissions levels criteria'' :banana: Now I find myself asking myself how much work is it going to be to slip this AIS pump on and off every year for the MOT check? :ride:

You could just plug the pipes from the inside, so visually from the outside it all looks legal or remove it every year for the MOT (You will just need to replace the AIS exhaust fitting gasket every year then).

There is no performance gain with the removal, but it will eliminate the decel backfire and clean-up the right side of the engine.

If you gotta leave it.....

Jayjay, there is no emissions check on a bike for MOT (purely visual check). They are just trying to stop you tampering. My personal opinion is don't fix what ain't broke but if you want to remove it, do so. The only thing you'll tamper with is the warranty if you have one.

surely you just need the right MOT tester :ride::banana:

If I am not mistaken any emission test is at a steady throttle setting, like noise which is "officially" tested supposedly at 1/2 peak torque RPM.

I dont think your average tester will have the emission gear for the test or is the UK way up on that.?

IMO, if it is an issue, then perhaps just jet the bike slightly lean for the test :ride: . The AIS only ads AIR to the exhaust to help burn gases - this happens when you close the throttle so wont come into the testing criteria anyway??

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