Finally took delivery! (and an oil question)

So I finally got my 06 WR450F. All I can say is wow!

My first ride was out to Cape Spear, Newfoundland for the prerequisite breakin. Lots of big hills and little traffic to properly load the rings. I have 37km on the bike now and I think it's ready for it's first oil change.

What oil (brand, weight) would you guys recommend for the first change? I figure in this environment I can run either a 10w 30 or 40.

Now I can't wait to hit a trail!

My initial change was is cooler weather and I used Yamalube 10W 30. The second change was in warmer weather and I used Yamalube 10W 40.

The third change is not here yet but I'll probably finish my supply of Y-lube and then change to a syn type.

yama lube is semi synth.................

Cool, I was not aware it was a semi and just used it because it was a new machine.

Rotella T non synthetic for the first 600 mi. or so.

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