How light is light?

Ok guys, your threads and the mag test almost have me steping over to the 06 yzf 450 from a crf 450. My question is how light does the yamaha feel? I know compared to the 05 It must feel a ton better, but compared to a crf 450?

And how about the cornering? One mag said that nothing handles as good as the 06, but then the next page they say the crf is a great pick because of its accurate steering. We'll my question to the folks that have riddin both is do you think the 06 yzf turns better than the crf? And how light does this thing really feel compared to a crf? Thanks :ride:

To me, the '06 YZ450 feels lighter and easier to toss around than the CRF, at least, the '05 CRF's I've ridden. The fact is that the '06 is the same weight as mine, or as a CRF, for that matter. But the '06 feels like it's at least 20 pounds lighter.

As delivered, they both turn exceptionally well, although the YZF is less prone to tuck the front, and more prone to push it. OTH, it tracks in corners (and elsewhere) better and is less twitchy. When adjusted (not modified) properly, the new YZF is not short of amazing. The first one I rode had been tweaked a little by a rider about my size and weight (sag, raised forks, higher gearing, tires, higher bars), and I felt like I could do just any damn thing I wanted to. I passed more people on the 3rd and 4th laps I rode that bike than I have in the last year.

People who write magazines and others have said that the YZF pushes the front. For one thing they exaggerate somewhat, and for another, it's simple to fix. But one of the things you don't hear much about but you will see if you snoop through the CRF forums is quite a few people complaining that the CRF front end has a tendency to just kind of let go without warning, especially if you don't give them enough gas leaving a turn. I personally don't think I've really spent enough time on one to have found that to be true or not, and certainly some of it could always be rider error, but still, it's there.

They're both really impressive bikes, but if it was me forking over $7K, the bike would have tuning forks on it. Ride one, then you tell me.

Gray racer nailed it.

Coming from a 250 2 stroke for the past 15 months I can say:

It is heavier putting it on the stand. Past that it FEELS as light as my 250! :ride:

I added the GYTR FWW, some FLEXX bars and an 18" rear wheel. Its AMAZING how light it feels.

If you read closely on every one of those magazine adds you will find that they are measuring in tiny incroments. Can you actually tell the difference from a crf to a yzf?....slight differences and gauranteed they are different differences from another guy who rides both bikes. in the mags these bikes are tested back to back under close scrutiny on the exact same obstacles in the exact same conditions. go with a bike that actually lasts and can take your abuse, or choose a bike from a favorite dealer, or racing contingencies....not from a mag article!!!!!

it feels really light, but it is also super smooth, no vibrations. keep in mind that the YZ has a way better record with the valves, and overall reliability.

I agree with Grayracer513. Coming from an '02 YZ250 and having ridden friends CRF450's, I feel this is the best bike I've ever ridden or owned!

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