Long Pilot Jet?

I'm jetting my 650L tomorrow. I have the dyno-kit & plan to use the 165 main with the dyno needle and spring. I bought a Kein (spell?) 55 long pilot jet. It's alot longer than the dyno main. Will it make any difference using that pilot? I have a WB E2 slip on. Also have a uni air filter too.


even the short pilot will be longer than the main .the long pilot will require that you remove a little material from the plastic piece that sits over it you'll see when you do the install it's quite simple

Took the bike out for a quick test run. Nice. Starts without choke & doesn't backfire. Wheelies 2nd with throttle only. :ride: Third by slipping the clutch. Mods are uni air filter, de-snorkeled, dynojet needle/spring, keihin 55 pilot, dyno 165 main, WB E2 slip on, 14/46 sprockets. 100 ft. elevation. Dunlop D606 tires. Ken Sean Mirrors. It's a whole different bike than it was 5 months ago!! (when I bought it)

This is a great site. Thanks!!

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