XR 600 Problems????

My brother in Law was riding his 600 the other day and it popped and died???? He could push start it but if he stopped it would die??? He check the valves and put in a new plug....rode it to work the next day and it died again??? he let is sit for a few minutes and then it restarted??? I suspect the stator but he is leaning towards the coil...is there a way to test either of the components so he does not replace the wrong part? has anyone here had the same type of symptoms? He says that when it warms up it runs worse??? :ride::banana: any help would be appreciated!

That's just about what mine did when it was the stator. Try and rule out anything else before replacing it. About the only test for the stator is to measure the resistance. Mine always read within the spec even though it was the problem. When I was having starting problems, I looked at the spark and it was really weak. I rewound mine and afterwards it ran way better.

Who did you have rewind it????

I did it myself. Not sure I reccomend it though. Wasn't fast or easy. Try and rule out everything else. However, it's been working for 2 years. Here is a website that describes the process.



Any more advise from anyone before I pass this info onto my Bro???

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