What are the differences in WR450's from 2004-2006

I am considering purchasing a WR450. I have seen really clean "used bikes" produced in 2004, 2005 and 2006 for reasonable prices, but I am wondering if any major changes occurred in these years and would I want to get a certain years production or would any of them provide about the same benefits. I ride a 98 WR400 now and I really like the model.

There were lots of changes between '04 and '05. I'm not much of a technical guy, but here are some of the changes in layman's terms. They lowered the bike quite a bit and lowered the center of gravity. They also made the powerband smoother from what I understand. They changed the exhaust and also changed the suspension some. They added Renthal bars.

That pretty much covers it. I have an 04 and have ridden an 05. I like the hit that the 04 has compared to the 05. It feels more like an mx bike.....after putting in the yz cam, it is the perfect motor.

The 05 feels way lighter, but for me it is too compact (6'3") and my legs ache. Either one is really a great bike, the 04 has a bigger tank and is really well setup for desert racing due to higher ground clearance and the larger tank.

To sum it up for you....I love my 04 and would not sell it to get an 05, but I wouldn't turn down an 05 if it was a good price and I didn't already have my bike. The 06 is the same as 05, but with a new comptuer on it.

If you really don't need the headlight though, I would be a little more tempted to go with the new yz and fit it with the larger tank and other desert goodies.

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