Need rear spoke for 04 YZ450f

Some how i managed to break a rear spoke. I went to yamaha and they only sell them in a full kit for $100. I dont want a whole kit I just want one. The bike is a 2004 yz450f. If anyone has a couple extra spokes or something they are willing to sell let me know. thanks

If you can't get just a few you can buy a spoke kit at for around $65, which is a signifcant savings to your local dealer.

I am looking for a stock replacement spoke not oversized spokes. Does anyone know if spokes from a crf 450 will fit, my local honda shop will sell me a single spoke? thanks

Come on people I will pay you for a spoke, someone has to have a left over spoke. Do you think it would hurt to ride with out 1 spoke?

I have some spokes pm me with ya info

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