A story you should hear

As I moved unseen among the menbers of the CRF450 forum, I found a post on valves, naturally enough. But this one linked to a post in the DRZ400 forum, and it shows that there are some genuinely high quality people behind the scenes and otherwise involved with this forum. Take note:


And hats off to the lot. :ride::banana:

I love happy endings. :ride:

now thats what i call service. I bought some crf valves from ron hamp couple years ago, we talked for a good bit on the phone, he is a stand up guy and will continue to get my business.

The way that Ron and the Brians stepped up is impressive, but not really a surprise anymore. What struck me was Ferrea saying "I want to warranty the other guy's stuff". THAT is definitely stepping out of the box.

I've had great experiences w/ TT as well. Not as extensive as the aformentioned(sp?) issue, but in an order I placed, one of the Brians realized that a part I had ordered had a note "not for the 426" -- Although this was not stated when I ordered it, he picked up on it in his notes during processing and called me to double check. He noticed that all the other parts I had order were for the 426 and figured he had a pretty good assumption that this part was for the 426 as well. Any other company would have just shipped the part out and said tough luck when it didn't fit. Thanks TT!!

That is a tremendous story of exceptional business management.


It makes one very leary of buying anything from Kibblewhite...... :ride:

It makes one very leary of buying anything from Kibblewhite...... :banana:

Now aren't you glad you own a Yamaha and don't have to worry about such things!


I have always thought that kibblewhite products were fairly good. This story I guess proves otherwise. Thank you TT

Kibblewhite is not the point of my posting this. The point is the way in which the problem was solved.

Guess where people will be buying valves from now.....

Ron Hamp is the man! :banana::ride:

All I have ever heard from people who have dealt with Ron is that he is the expert when it comes to valvetrains...and he is a good people!


I don't think I have ever heard of a company warrantying another company's product before. That is going beyond their call of duty, and probably gained a few customers.

I know that I would buy Ferrea valves instead of KW's....I almost bought some KW's for an older bike of mine, thank god I didn't.

Thanks for the post Gray!

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