what do i need to do to my 06 yz450

buying a used 06 yz450f with less than 4 hours on it. Im comin off a 04 wr450. Is there anything that I will need to do to the yz before I ride (free mods)ect.

Get a skid plate. Jet it 170 main, 48 pilot. Adjust your sag and move the forks up, possibly a new front tire. Go ride.

Put a couple ounces of vegetable oil in the gas tank. I hear the 2 stroke guys are having huge success with this infamous trick. :ride:

Why do people assume he needs a 48 pilot and 170 main just because he's in the same timezone?

That's the last thing I'd change. Why not ride the thing, check the idle speed, see how it handles through the entire throttle then determine if it needs re-jetted?

Probably should get a new chain too. The stock one is basically a joke!

great guys, thanks for the info. pretty much all the same stuff we do to bike we buy. loose the factory junk.

some other stuff ppl r doing:

a)raise forks to first line (5mm)

b)98mm sag

c)taller bend bars or 8-10mm risers

d)got to dump that stock front tire for sure...as mentioned

e)aftermarket fuel screw

f)chain...as mentioned

see how ur jetting is, you might want to go 168/45 since its getting hotter if you need to make a change

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