Handlebar Replacement

OK, time to replace the bars. Believe it or not, I've had the originals since I bought the bike new in January. Yea, there a little bent, but I just keep going with what I got. Well, I'm now convinced it's time to buy new bars. Question is what shape, and do I need a triple clamp also? I think I want my bars a little higher than the stock ones. Does that mean CR-HI bend? I'm 5'11'', but I can't stand all the way up when riding. When in Baja, everyone else was standing tall, way out in front of there bike, and I felt like I was squating...

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Chuck,

I replaced the bars on my WR426 with the pro

taper cr-high bends. I too am 5'11" and if I had to do it over again, I think I would just

get some Renthal cr-Highs. With the pro-tapers you need to spend an xtra $35.00 on the triple clamp adapter. this also raises the bars another 1/2 inch. Fine while standing on the pegs, but seems a little high

while sitting and carving tight trails.( especially since I put on a YZf tank and seat) I also had to buy adapters for my Acerbis rally guards. Xtra $$$. Also with the extra height of the triple clamp adapter some of the wiring is probably a little more taught than what it should be. I guess it all depends what type of rider you are. The pro-tapers seem like a real strong bar, but I'm not sure they were worth the extra $$$



Bryce Senff

WMRRA #201




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Thanks Bryce, that's good to know.

If I go with Renthals CR-Hi using the stock triple clamp, do I need any adapters. I should be able to use the standard clamps, correct?



Standard clamps will work with the Renthals. I personally like the Pro Tapers because they are the strongest bars I have ever used. I have had some amazing crashes and the bars never bent.

The Renthals are good bars and the Pro Tapers are a bit more expensive but in my opinion worth the extra expense. I use the Answer triple clamp because they have two different bar mount positions on them.



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Chuck....just an FYI. If you are going to convert to Pro-Tapers(best bars I've ever had) think about a different triple clamp other than Answers. You would think since they make great bars(Pro Tapers) that they'd have a matching great triple clamp set up but they don't! Pinch bolts are front mounted

and the hardware they supply to remount the headlight assy. looks like some shelf brackets from Home Depot! They work but not very well if you use the forward mounting holes for the bars....and don't expect to access your odo. unless you space brackets out an extra inch or so. Seems like a lot of fabricating for a triple clamp assy. that retails for $150 shocked.gif? Just my opinion(my Answer top tree will be for sale when I replace it with a Scotts tree and damper setup grin.gif)


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Just went through this.

Getting the correct bend as well as the correct height is very important. New bars are much more comfortable when standing and do not bruise the outside palms of my hands like the WR ones did.

1) Went to a well stocked bike shop (Zoom cycles in Santa Clara, CA) and grabbed a bunch of different bars and held on with my eyes closed.

2) Checked to see what angle the bar would have to be at when mounted in the triple clamp. Should be around 30 degrees. If you have to roll your bars too far back to be comfortable, you will be decreasing their effective height on the bike, which was part of my problem with the original WR bars.

3) Measure the height of the end of the bar using the ruler you brought along and try to find a bar that is a half inch to an inch taller than what you have. A little bit makes a big difference.

4) Consider purchasing a cheap set of bars with a similar bend to the Renthal/Pro Taper that you really like. Then if you don't like them, you won't feel bad about trying a different bend.

5) Try out other WRs or bikes with different bend bars. Riding my dads bike showed me what a big difference bars make and I went out and bought them the next week.

Try everything. I spent about an hour going through all their bars and wound up with KX80 Renthals!?! I am just over 6' and these narrow/tall/flat bars were perfect for me, but I doubt that many people would like them.

I ride at Metcalf sometimes if you are interested in checking out my setup.



I'm 5'9" (no short jokes), and I went with the Renthal Jimmy Button bend. They are high bars (the highest on the market I beleive), with not a whole lot of pullback. The reason I like them is the ease of transition between sitting and standing. There is no slouching over with these bars, and I've hit some pretty serious trees and boulders, and the only thing to tweak were my new Cycra Pro-Bend hand guards (I hate 'em...).

My .02



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99' YZ400

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Uh, like twist the throttle...

Protaper McGrath bend, Scotts Dampner and Triple Clamp set up, love the set up and never bent.


You mention a dampener. I am slow and not real aggressive (although I want to change that), I'm not an expert rider. Would a dampener help me? When and where? I've ridden with guys that have them, and they all swear by them, but they are great riders.


I have the Applied triple clamp with the plus 10 mm bar adapters and Tag 2 cr double hi bars. This setup works fine for me I'm 6'3". mike

i got a pair of renthals for my 98 wr... yz bend... i think the same bend as stock, but the aluminum seems to be more comfortable (absorbs shock better?)....

got pro tapers on my xr....

no difference in the two when riding....

go with the renthals... you can buy two or three pairs of them to one pair pro tapers (should you ever need to replace them), and if you dn't that's like $100 for other trick stuff for your ride...

the way i see it, they must be ok, cuz renthal makes the fat bar (pro taper style handybars) and most of the pros still use traditional renthals...

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