baja designs switch assembly?

i broke the moveable part of the Baja Designs on/off/headlight switch on my XR650R.

I ordered a replacement part ($25 for the little plastic part that moves!) but I'm not entirely sure how it goes together. The new piece came with a little spring and ball bearing that I didn't notice in mine or were lost when I broke it.

As far as I can tell, the copper contacts on the switch itself go towards the right side of the switch casing, and I think the BB sits on top of the spring such that the bearing rolls against the left side of the casing.

Anyone know if this is correct? I can call BD but thought I'd try here first...

You are correct. The BB sits on the spring side of the switch and rides over the notches on the switch case.

Did what you buy come with both the switch you move with your thumb and the plastic piece with the contacts for the inside of the switch? My switch is also broken and I can't switch it without a screwdriver.

This seems to be an achilles heel for the Baja Designs kit. Has anyone replaced the switch assembly with a more robust one before I spend $25 to fix a switch I don't really like? I would love to have turn signals that cancel when the switch is pressed (like most street bikes) and the horn below the turn signal (like my street bikes).



Thanks Frank. Yes, it came with two plastic pieces, the thumb part and the smaller switch/contact part. They're held together with a tiny screw that is put in place after the thumb pieces is installed in the slot.

Just to confirm what you told me, the part that actually has the contacts is oriented so that the copper contacts are facing towards the center of the bike, and the spring fits into the left side of this piece with the BB on top, facing the left side of the bike, correct?

I actually called BD, but they were no help: "we get those things pre-assembled". Uh, thanks for going the extra mile...

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