XR650R good for trails?

I did a search and didnt find anything usefull....

So, is a XR650R good for 95% trail riding? Not tight, technical trails, but ones that are open (2 "quad-widths"). I have been looking at the 450X and WR450F...but they are $700 more than the XR-R, and not as reliable from what I've been told (more of a racing motor).

I'm a big guy at 6'5" 270lbs...so I need a bike that will fit me well...and one that I might ride on the street later on down the road. I can handle one fine...I've ridden almost every quad/trike out there, and a handfull of 125's, 450's, and a 600R....

The XR650R was made for what you described!

Great bike

I take mine on tight technical trails. The 650R has never let me down. The thing is a tractor as it pulls my fat A up the steepest of trails.

The only thing I would recommend is to put a 13T front sprocket on as this will gear it down a bit for the trails. oh yeah, you definatley need to uncork the thing. Do a search and you will find plenty of helpful information on how to do this.

For the kind of riding you mention and your size, this bike is perfect for you. :ride:

Good reliable workhorse bike. No problem for me with it on trails like that and I'm 5'10 and 155. You'll whip that thing around like a toy with power to spare!

I used to ride mine almost exclusively on tight trails. I wasn't as fast because of the weight in the turns but there wasn't anything it didn't do when asked to. It was made to order for the situation you mentioned.

The Big Red Pig is perfect for what you describe, especially for your size. Ample power! All others will disappoint.

I love mine on the trails. I weigh 250 and always have more power than I need. At times it can be a handful on super technical tight stuff but I've been impressed. As for the street, I love it there too. It will out-accelerate almost anything on the road.


Ditto on what has been said; the bike fits your needs extremely well as described. THE most fun I have on my R's are on sweeping two track... at speed you can really get drifting around corners and get that 'rally' type feeling. The only real problem with the bike for this kind of riding is the front brake, as the bike carries a ton of momentum with it's weight. However, a larger front rotor (EBC makes a great 280mm rotor) and new pads help immensely. :ride:

The XR650R was made for what you described!

Great bike


The 650r is a tremendous all around bike. It can handle tight trails in the hands of an experienced rider. I love it when everyone tells me the 650r is too big, too heavy for tight trails and then I prove otherwise. Once you are moving you hardly feel the weight.

Fast two track trails are exactly what the 650r likes but feel confident that you can attack the tight stuff also.

The only thing you need to worry about with the stock bike is if you get it into some really slow/tight technical sections, you will probably boil over.

But there are some good fixes for that problem.

not for nothin, but my buddy Brad has an XR650R, and he does everything we do on his BRP. the group of usual suspects contains xr400's, a wr250, a CRF450R, a husaberg 410, and a wr450r. he hangs with everyone and is a bit faster than most on that list. with the BRP. while riding everything from one-lane wide deep sandy roads to super tight, leave-covered wet snarley down-tree trail. i think the 650 should rock on your wider trails, be fully streetable, and will be a little more work but just fine on the tighter stuff.

Oregon trails.. :ride::banana: .. :busted:

You have heard it all for wider trails. IMO the 650R doesn't like to go slow, real slow that is where you are putting along.

Thanks for the replies! Looks like the BRP will fit the bill just right. I'll have to check around...the dealer just sold their last one. Not sure if I want a used one or a new one though..

Someone was posting that the 2007 might have a e-start and plates. I think Mike Kay might have said that. Rumors though as far as I know...

Anyway I'm 6'7 240 and I ride the piggy in everything. Fast Baja riding to tight steep rocky rutted nightmares.. It's a bit of a byatch in the 2nd gear and down stuff (14/48 gearing) but being our size negates most of that. Being able to put both feet down flatly on a 320 lb bike makes a huge difference and being strong enough to pick it up on off camber hills is another big advantage. Smaller guys might have major issues with this bike.. Lastly you will never ever ever feel like you are being short changed on power. This bike rips like no other.. :ride:

i hope this was a trick question............

I might add that once the BRP is uncorked it does not over heat. The only time I have ever had overheating problems was when I repeatedly rammed the bike into a snow bank trying to get to the other side. I didn't get to the other side but did get the bike hot after about 30 minutes of trying.

It can putt on hot days in tight single track gnarly trails. It is really at home when you can open her up. I think thats what the made all them cc's for in the first place.

I have found 14X51 sprockets are really nice for whatever. Throw a 13 into that mix and you got a stump pulling tractor.

I've ridden an XR 650R on fire roads/single trails in Northern Cali and I rode one down in Baja which you have every type of riding you can think of. The 650 weighs 280lbs. dry but it is so well balanced you hardly notice it unless you're in the whoops. The biggest thing you notice is the front end dive but you can use it to your advantage once you figure it out. It is far superior compared to any other bike on the wide open stuff and still goes great through the tightest of trails. It depends on the skill of the rider but in the proper hands the 650 is an excellent through everything. For what you are looking to do it is definatly a bike that I would get if I were you. It will suit your height and weight very well. You will want to get some suspension work done. The XR is also an extremely reliable/easy to work on bike.

recently bought an 03 for dualsportin with some buddies .used to race desert .have not been on a fire road for more than a mile yet .been on the nasty,s and all the tight stuff and the bro loves it . once you set it up the heavy feeling goes away and the fun begins . nothing better than rolling up on somebody and they say how does that pig work in this stuff and i say no problem and roost away !!!!!!!!!!!!

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