Problem to my answer

Gonna play some jeopardy here, I have an 04 YZ450F, I just got the top end re-done and I took it out for a ride, but I couldn't even kick the damn thing, it was really had just to get the kickstarter half way down, it was so bad that my brother had to pull start me with my what is my problem

Cam timing or a malfunctioning decomp mechanism is the first place I'd look. One tooth advanced will render the AD system functionally inoperative, and the bike will run like a WR.

lol that sucks but funny

That happened to my 03 as well, couldn't decomp it for the first couple times I tried starting it, but it then "fixed itself" (I assume it got lubed better or broke in or something) and it worked fine after the first couple times I used it. Ride it a couple times and then see if that helps. Also, if you just apply hard, constant pressure (not jerking it) when it gets TDC, it will eventually move past it...

I rode with a guy before that never used his decomp release on his 01 YZ250F! THat had to suck until we showed him how to do it right!

If you can't kickstart a bike, is it really a good idea to drag it behind a truck?

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