Idle Tick On 06 450

Have any of you guys herd this. OK I know all 4-strokes make all sorts of noises and one could make a noise another one doesn't, especially 450S. But it didn't do it at first (10 hrs. or so) . Then one day out of the blue I started it up and herd a tick at idle. Worried i took the top cover off to see if i could see anything, nothing. oil was perfectly fine and already changed 3 times. It starts and runs fine, it rips, and its only at idle. Took it to the dealer, they basically said don't worry about it. should i?????

Mine is brand new, less than 30 minutes riding (not even broken in yet) and it ticks. It ticked on the first kick.

only at idle???? yea i guess some of them do and some don't.

It's a solid lifter cam design with lash therefore it will always tick, click and chatter. If its not ticking than you better start finding out why you have no clearance. Otherwise just get used to it. :ride:

cool, thats what i wanted to hear! :ride::busted::smirk::banana:

mine does like crazy it normal almost every 450 does

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