New chain noise?

This may seem strange, but I put on a new x-ring chain on my 04 YZ450F and now it is making a horrible noise up front by the counter sprocket. It didn't do it before with my worn out stock chain. I still have the case saver (chain guide) and front chain guard cover. It only does it when the bike is under power, but doesn't do it when it is coasting. I am very puzzled and afraid to ride it because of the noise. We are heading out tomorrow for a weekend trip and doing know what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

First thing to ensure is that your chain is adjusted correctly with the right amount of slack, AND that it's aligned properly - don't trust the alignment marks on the swingarm, use a straight edge alongside the sprocket so that it runs forward and under the chain. With a properly aligned sprocket, the straight edge should parallel the chain, not cross under or extend away from it.

The new chain is wider than the old stocker, and if you've used up a lot of the chain slider on top of the swingarm with your old chain, the new one could be searching for it's mold....the wider x ring can't slide in the same grooves as the old roller one. May want to replace the slider while you're at it.

Hope this helps......

Did you change the sprockets also? Putting a new chain on old sprockets will make noise and quickly wear out your new chain and what is left of the old sprockets.

One thing I forgot to mention....take a look on the inside of the subframe where the chain passes...if it's shiny and scraped, then the chain is hitting it (probably due to alignment issues or getting kicked around by the slider).

Do I need to replace the slider also when I switch from a non-o ring to an o-ring chain. If so, who do you recommend as a replacement?

Not unless it's worn heavily. The stock slider is fine, but you should do This Modification to it, especially since you ride in sand (guessing by your screen name)

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