In need of excuses

everyone is telling me to sell my 98 wr400 and buy my cousin's 00 rm250 which is all trick and hopped up cuz i look faster on it... talk me outa it!!!

i race c class and love the way four strokes run, cuz they're so much easier to ride, but if i'm faster, i'faster...

i just need some reasons to justify why i don't do it...




98 wr400f->yzf400

eat, sleep, live, breathe, and love riding.

pin it and grin :)

It is cheaper to ride the 4 stroke because you don't have to buy all that oil and you don't even have to mix it.


4 strokes sound better and intimidate the competition!!! smile.gif



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

If you just look faster on the RM I would not worry about it.

If you go faster that is a whole different can of worms wink.gif

If you really want to know, lay out a track/loop and take some lap times. Looks can be deceiving.

well, everybody says i look faster on the rm, but i have learned a lot since my wr broke...part is finally coming in nov. 1 , by the way,... cuz i have been learning from one of the A riders, and about every race he gives me some more advice as how to go faster... it all started when he got hurt (in open/extra-we were both riding it that day) and was riding slow in the class... of course he could still whoop the pants off of me,beside the point,... but on the line he said he was gonna ride two laps (so it counted for points) and pull over to wait for the checkers... well i told him how he could probably still beat me, so he said he'd ride the whole moto, but he'd go out just to ride with me....and it was the most fun and learning i've ever had... just trying to keep up to him, and in some spots where he'd slow up for me, we'd "dice" for positions... i was suprised how much i learned just by holding on his tail the 5 laps...and the new lines i never thought of using...

anyways... if you made it this far, the moral of the story is i think it's all rider, cuz i recently got my xr200 running again, and feel faster on it than the 250 (cornering), so i believe what i've learned will make a highly competitve rider once back on the four-honey...there's no way i'm selling my blue thunder...



98 wr400f->yzf400

eat, sleep, live, breathe, and love riding.

pin it and grin :)

Ohmigosh!... that suzook 250 is such a crappy bike in the mud (or i don't know how to ride it right)...

we had a mx yesterday... turned out to be a mud bog around the track... i would have killed to have had my wr for it...(part coming thursday (hopefully))... i couldn't keep the rear end of the 250 behind. i desperately needed my four stroke...

there's no way i'm getting rid of my four stroke for this thing...

although i did come home with a third place trophy. :) would have been interesting to see how i would have done on my yamathumper... later...

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