info on '04 YZ450F

Hey guys i just bought a '04 YZ450F bike looks brand new runs great! I got a great deal on it, but not sure what the kinks are of the bike and what if anything i should be looking to do or looking for. Bike has a Yosh slip on. And a revalve by reactive suspension. Any help would be great guys thanks a lot.

You have a lot of work ahead of you. You're going to have to do regular oil changes and keep your air filter clean.

And don't forget to check the valve clearance 3 times a year.

Oh,yeah. And change the timing chain every year or two.

And who knows, someday it might need a spark plug.

Think you can handle that?

I like my 04' a lot- good purchase. I raised the forks 5mm up the triple clamps to improve on turn in- it made a difference. These bikes do push a bit in the corners when stock- but once you make the proper adjustments the bike will do what you want. Make sure your sag is set in the back, if the front tire is stock- chuck it and go for a more intermediate or soft terrain tire- the stock tire is for hard pack and sucks for turning a MX bike. I went with a storm linkage in the rear and helped the turnability even more. My next step is to lower the radiators- when I do I will post the results. Late

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