Will This Seat Fit my 2000 WR400???

See the link below for a pic of the seat:


This is the quote from the guy selling it:

It's a Yamaha WR aftermarket seat, about 2 inches taller than stock seat. "Guts" brand, gripper seat. Excellent condition. Fits with stock tank. Removed from a 1999 WR 400.

Does anyone know if a 1999 and 2000 WR seat is interchangeable? I need a better seat for my stock 2000 WR and would love to get this one!

If it is for a 99 with a WR tank it will fit with your 2000 WR tank.

I saw that on CRAIGSLIST today too........... buy it! It's a good deal especially if he's sellin' it with the seat pan, (the plastic seat base). If you are over 6' you'll love it!

Yes it will fit. My buddy had the same seat on his 99' & sold it to me for my 2000. If you sit down as much as me your fanny will love it!

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