Oil capacity ?

I don't own a WR and am looking for a lighter dual sporter then my XR650R..

It holds 2.x liters...

06 Manual says Total Capacity: 1.2L

You getting rid of the pig Al? I still have mine but opted for a lighter 4 stroke. Love the yammie.

06' WR450f-About 1.25 quarts w/ filter change.

I think you'll love the WR450 as a dual sporter. I recently replaced my licensed 03 XR650r Baja bike with an 06 WR450 and just completed a 2100 mile ride down there. This is a very nice motorcycle. Highlights over the BRP are, feels way lighter, E button, stock suspension for a 180# rider works amazingly well, has enough unplugged power to keep up with an unplugged 650r in a beach drag race, and best of all, it was much easier to ride than my

Precision Concepts suspended XR650r.

The 1.2 liter capacity shouldn't be a dual sport issue. I've done 500-700 mile oil and filter changes with 2 KTM 400/450s ( ~ 1.2 L )and had zero problems. I did 3 oil/filter changes on the WR in Baja.

You ever have any issues riding in baja. I fear the mexican government is so corrupt. I have wanted to go but want to go with someone that has been.

By the book, it's 1.2l.

I drop in 1.5qts with filter change and it's fine. These are dry-sump bikes, and as long as oil is not squirting out the dipstick tube when the engine is running, it's not overfilled.

In the case of a dry-sump, too much is better than too little.

It can actually accomodate as much as 1.8l before it's overfilled to the point that it will blow from the tank down the overflow back into the valve cover.

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