How many miles to the stock tank?

I have no way of judging my mileage on my bike. I was just wondering it any of you know how many miles you can get out of a stock tank from a 2001 YZ426F?

I have a desert tank 3.3 gal in which I did 80 miles and still had some gas left over, but happen to be riding with someone with a GPS device. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I have the stock tank on my 2002 YZ426 and i can easily get 40 miles on a tank. Most of the riding i do is no longer than 40 miles on a loop, and if i go to ride more that day and refill, i usually can see a bit of gas leftover, but not much.

I ride mostly trails and average like 25mph to 60mph. Sort of aggressive compared to some people we ride with so i know if i was going slower, i could get even better MPG. Maybe 50 miles if i ran on fumes?

I think my stock is 2.1 gallons? That is what the Yamaha website says.

It didn't have the 2001 YZ426 on there.

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