2001 YZ426 Question

Is the boysene water pump a good purchase?

Is there something that makes you think your stock one isn't good enough?

No..I was just wondering if it was more efficient at moving the fluid. Riding in the central valley in the summer is hell.

I have pondered the question, do those aftermarket pumps/impellers actually improve anything. I am by no means an expert but two things come to mind-The first is Yamaha spent a lot of time and money to get it just the way it is, you can't tell me they weren't smart enough to develop a "better design".

The second thing is I read somewhere (I know, you shouldn't believe everything you read) that if you move the water too fast, there is a potential it won't spend enough time in the radiator where it needs to be to disperse the heat. Basically if the water is moving to fast it is passing through the motor before it has a chance to dissipate the heat it absorbed on the last pass.

I have seen stickers that you put on the radiator that give you a reading of the temp-measuring the actual temperature is probably the only way to know for sure for your bike and conditions.

Sorry if my spelling might be off-I only have a public education and the spell check feature wasn't working when I posted this.

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