Valve Adjustment

I have a 99 WR 400 with only 800 miles on it. I have never checked the valve adjustment. Are there any signs or indications that point to a need for valve adjustment?? The bike always starts on first kick hot or cold and runs great. I guess that I am just too lazy to take the topend apart and check the valves.


CHECK YOUR VALVES YESTERDAY! If only you knew what mayhem can go on if valves are unchecked...

Usually, the first sign of tight valves is when the bike won't run as well after it warms up, and will spit and poot. The next thing to happen is usually burnt valve seats (hot gasses being pushed by the valves during the ignition process) that are coated with carbon deposits, and burnt valves. The first sign of that is lower compression.

Don't mean to alarm you, but an once of maintanence is blah blah...



01' WR426

99' YZ400

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Uh, like twist the throttle...

Thank you for your advise. I checked the valve clearance today and 3 of them where too tight. Found the correct shims at local dealer for $8 a piece - had no choice!!!

when I put the cams back in, i followed the instructions and now i am not sure if they are aligned correctly. are there any pictures of the correctly aligned cams out there?


The manual tells all! Basiclly, you want the cam lobes pointing up and away from each other, while having the dots and letters ("I" and "E") line up, while having the crank at top dead center. After getting everything in line, turn the motor over with a wrench several tmes, and see if it's still in sync.

You can also go to a dealer, and have them photocopy those pages.

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