so im a jetting newb - little rant

Rode the beast today in the desert. 78 degrees. maybe 4k' alt. 168/48 JDjetting blue needle 3rd clip position.

The old boy was running kinda sh1tty, so I guess i gotta break open that carb again :banana:

as some of you have mentioned with the heat, the 170/48 seems to be too rich now. I'm guessing with my settings I'm also rich with this new heat.

I know it's easy to change, but damnit man I'm LAZY!!!! :busted:

ahhhh oh well :ride:

I am running the same jetting w/ no issues at all. Did you try adjusting the fuel screw?


I am similar situation altitude and temperature wise here in Utah...rode last weekend in the dez @ about 75 degrees and bike wasnt runnin very well.

I am going to throw in a 45 pilot (48 now)jet tonight for 2moro's ride.

I believe some other TT'ers have (or will) be downsizing their pilot jets too....

anybody else believe with the warmer temps we should try a smaller pilot?

I would say yes. Had a 48 in at one point, 90' temp, and it was too rich. I am running a 45 pilot, 165 main, 50 leakjet and a Boyesen QuickShot AP with great success.

I will say everybody needs to pay attention to the gas tank temp when it gets warmer (90's and up). I had fuel just about boil. Since that time, our weather has cooled off to around the 70' range and it has not been an issue. The Yams do not have the twin spar like the Suz and Honda and the aluminum frame seems to transfer heat much more efficiently than the others.

I have purchased heat Shields from for the carb and airbox along with insulation for the bottom of the tank from moose racing. I will update everyone as the temperature rise to the 90; mark.

i just need to find a 45's a crap shoot at the dealers

I think the 48/170 myth is busted LOL 45/165 seems to work fine for most....trial and error I suppose

There is not one perfect jetting for every situation and bike. I have not rode for about a month, but the last time I rode is was around 85 degrees and the 48/170 ran fine for me.

I don't think it's too uncommon to have to re-jet for the summer and winter temperatures.

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