I Hate My New '06 Yz450f!

that's exactly what my wife said.

Different sprockets doesn't mean anything when riding MX or most other types of riding. Just have to hit stuff a gear higher. I run a 13 51 on my bike and wish I went to a 52 or 53. Sprockets only really change how low first gear is and what the top speed is. Considering I've yet to hit 5th or even 4th gear on my bike with it geared down I don't really need the top speed and I do a bit of woods riding in the summer so the deep first helps a LOT when boonie crashing over logs and brush piles. The 14 51 my bike came with was WAY too tall for my kind of riding.

14/51 was too tall and you run a 13/51? Are you crazy? what are you doing where you need gearing that low? How can you run 13/51 and never get out of 3rd gear? Are you doing goat trails or something?

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