06 XR 650 L shuts down while on reserve at high speed.

I have been riding the same route to and from work for the past month.I hit reserve on the way home at 63 to 65 miles on the odom.I have made it home without any problems at 94 miles. This past week I removed the silencer from the W/B e2 because it sounds so ****in nice, but now the bike completely shuts down at 87 to 89 miles while on the freeway!!! When I finally get over to the shoulder,I lean the bike over to wards the petcock a few times and it starts back up and I'm able to make it home.

Is the bike overheating? Should I put the silencer back in and see what happens?This bike wants to go I can't slow down!

your proably getting less gass milage with silencer out you should rejet if you do any exaust mods

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