Rim sizes

What rim sizes are you street guys using on your wr(450)'s. Also what tires are you running strickly for street?


I would recommend 17" rims for street use. You have ton's more of options in tires, because almost all streetbikes are using same size.

Timo Mc

Whats the widest i can go up to. I would like to use the stock tires off my friends R6 but they will most definatly be to big.

Also, will front tires offer good rear wheel traction and where can i get a good set of inexpensisve rims?



I use 3.5" in the front and 4.25" at the rear. Supermoto tires are 120 wide in the front and 160 wide at the rear.

Timo Mc


It always go to define inexpensive. Supermoto rims will cost a $1000 a set.

If you buy talon hubs and Excel rim + spokes and are willing to lace them yourself. You'll save $200

Timo Mc


Nice set, I would go to race with those :ride:

Timo Mc

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