fuel screw

I have read about the fuel screw falling out on a lot of bikes. Even my friend who has a 2006 yz450 had his fall out. I have not poked a hole in the bottom of my 2006 wr450 to adjust it. I have done some mods like cutting the throttle stop screw, pulled the baffle out of the muffler and cut the grey wire. Should I put an adjustable fuel screw in or leave it like it is?


When you do jetting, fuel screw has important part in that. It is very hard to adjust with out opening that hole. You need to take float bowl complitely off. I'm not sure but I'm almost willing to bet that those screws which has fell down has been Zip-Ty. Problem with those fuel screws (yes, I have one on my table top) is that material in that O-ring doesn't take heat very well and hardens up and shrinks. Then that O-ring can't do it's job. Another thing that causes fuel screw to fell down is that it is opened too much (over 2 turns) you should change your pilot to bigger one if you have it opened more than 2 turns.

Timo Mc

The Zipty screw is a good choice. There are many on the marked bu an added benefit of this one is that to install it the carb needs slid back a little. Once installed and the carb is back in position teh Zipty screw can't fall out. I mean it ca back out and drop from the threads but because of the large diameter finger adjust dial on bottom, it hits the starter before it clears the hole its in and just sits there until you find it.

Now it should never fall out if adjusted correctly as mentioned above but if it does it and the tiny o-ring, washer probably won't be lost.

Before you remove the screw (stock or aftermarket) stuff a clean white rag under the area below the screw. The three parts I mentioned are very very small and easy to loose. If you lucky, they will stay on the screw, if not they will fall on the rag. If they drop onto the motor or ground they're pretty much lost. Maybe even get a few replacement o-rings before you pull it.

bottomline: get a screw. you'll be glad you did. just screw out to your desire and run a piece of tape over it to keep it from falling out. that should help you from getting discouraged

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