IMS Tank Question

I have purchased an IMS tank off eBay for my bike but the gasket that was around the petcock is leaking very badly. Do any of you have this tank and can you tell me if there is an o-ring with the gasket or just a gasket. If you know of a gasket sealer that will with stand gasoline feel free to share that with me as well.


Dont know if all are the same but I recently installed an IMS on my bike and there wasnt any O-ring. Might want to try going to your local auto parts store and looking for a "generic" gasket that would be fuel proof and cut your own.

OR...Check the auto parts store for Permatex-there are many different versions of this product and SOME, not ALL, are gasoline/ethanol fuel safe.

Mine came with a thick rubber gasket that I used along with the o-ring that was already seated in the petcock. It seals great considering how rough the plastic is on that part of my tank.

I had to use a extra oil ring to get it to seal up. I also switched the screws to bolts. I just used an oil ring that was thin and easy go around the base of the petcock. I used the stock yamaha petcock, maybe a Ty Davis on would work better.

Call IMS. They will be happy to send you a new gasket for a couple of bucks. It cost more to next day air ship the damn thing than the gasket cost, but they were quite helpful.

I was able to find an o-ring and put it in, no more leaks. Thanks for all of the suggestions.

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