Water in steering head bearings

I just finished repacking my steering head bearings. I could tell they had water in them because the movement was not as smooth. The water creeps in there during washing. I only use a garden hose 99% of the time and have never hit that area with high pressure. I do wash my bike a lot. It gets clean every time it comes home from the track. There is just no way to prevent getting water around the steering head when you wash a bike.

If the sealing ring that goes on top of the top bearing and directly under the top triple clamp had larger surface to act as an umbrella here this would not be a problem.

Does anyone know of an aftermarket bearing set with an improved design on this seal? I think I remember that when I got a pivot works set for another bike, this seal was larger to help this problem. I wish I could buy the seal by itself, but I am sure you have to buy a whole set.

interesting. I repacked the bearings on my 05YZ250 (same setup from a visual perspective anyway) and there was no water in them. I will have to look and see if the seal is different than the YZ450.

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