Rekluse...Little help please :)

I have an '03 YZ450F...I love my rekluse! I ride mainly MX...

Here are my concerns: (my gap is set at .30) (stiff spring in turned out about 1/2 inch)

-When I put the bike in gear it pulls forward...I pull my clutch in which helps but if I have my clutch pulled in and blip the throttle it still pulls forward...???

-When I have my bike up on the stand and put it in gear, the rear tire spins fairly fast...if I pull my clutch in it slows down just a tiny bit....

-I am experiencing some slipping in 5th gear

Any suggestions??????

Thanks Bruthas! :ride:

i have the same bike and had the same problems.

First of all did you soak the new clutch plates in oil? you should have done but not to worry.

Next imo the rekluse clutch instructions are rubbish with regard install gaps. every bike seems to require different that i've worked on. play with the install gap till its right but mine did try to pull a little till 'd ridden it for an hour. :ride:

Thanks Bud!

Hey so then I have my clutch pulled in, is it not supposed to pull forward at all when i accelerate???

When on the stand and I put it in first gear....what should happen???? Should the wheel spin just a little and then stop when I pull the clutch in?

How do I get "proper clutch cable slack"??????


When my '03 is in neutral the front sprocket will spin slowly. (only if the chain is off) Your bike is not supposed to move at all with the clutch pulled in all the way. When you put the bike in first gear (with the clutch in) the wheel should spin slowly if it is up on the stand. You should not move at all when putting it in first gear while you are sitting on it with the clutch pulled in. To get proper clutch cable slack just play with your adjuster on your clutch perch until you have a TINY bit of play with the lever. There is no way you can have slipping in 5th gear because you have an '03 YZ450F and it only has 4 gears.

Thanks Kawi!

I did mean 4th gear :ride:

I will try playing with my perch adjuster again...I did before and didnt experience much of a difference.

I will try again...thanks!

First of all the installed gap is probably accurate. Are you running the correct oil? The oil will still turn the clutch with no load, if it creeps when in gear chances are your gap is too small or your oil is too thick. Are you using 2 feeler gauges oposed to each other when measuring the gap? there should only be a slight drag on the feeler when extracting it. Are you using the same plates that were in your bike before the Rekluse? or did you install all new plates. Have you checked your gap since installation or only originally. Were the plates presoaked with oil if they were new?

I got new steel plates and new friction plates which were soaked overnight before I installed them. I used 2 feeler guages opposite from eachother and had an install gap of .30 exactly with the guages sliding out pretty tight.

I use Rotella T oil and change it after every 4th ride.

I will play with the perch adjuster again and tighten the slack and see what happens???

When in neutral and on the stand my tire does not spin at all but when i put in in 1st gear it starts to spin fast and when I pull in the clutch it maybe slows down just a tiny bit.....


The feeler gauge should slide out easily. The Rekluse actually has plenty of travel built within its pressure plate assembly. If you go to a larger installed gap the creeping will go away. I am not sure why it is slipping in higher gears, if it is. Try the larger gap first.

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