1994 xr650l stalling

Hi, can someone please help! I just bought a 94 and I love it. The bike starts fine but after riding for about 10 minutes is stalls! It will sometimes start again but wont stay running. After is cools down a little I get another 5 to ten minute ride! I removed smog pump, took carb apart thinking mabe fuel problem. It started right up and did the same exact thing! Now I leaning toward ignition problem, where do I go from here?? Thanks, Steve

Do you know anyone else with an XRL? I had issues with mine and borrowed my friends CDI and mine ran perfect. the new CDI was $131 so I'd try to test it with a working one first. They claim you can't bench test a CDI and they won't take one back thats been used, So its best to make 100% sure first.

Make sure the tank vent isn't clogged. If it is, the tank gets a vacuum as the engine uses gas. To check try this, ride until it stalls. Unscrew the gas cap. If it starts again and runs for a few minutes, that's the problem.

This is something that a friend of mine experienced. Because of medical problems, his '95 600R sat for three years and the gasketts in the carburetor were rotten. I bought him a carburetor rebuild kit from ServiceHonda and it fixed that problem.

To this day, that bike runs perfect.

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