Contemplating going back to stock carb...

As the title says, Edelbrock makes good power but is no easier to start than my properly jetted stocker, the stocker would always start first kick cold, the Eddy takes 3-4 with alot of priming and hot they are about the same, the stocker I think I might be able to change jets by tilting the carb sideways, not sure but I definitely have to prop the tank up to adjust the Eddy, and boy does this thing drink fuel with this carb, I can hit reserve in 45 miles of hard riding...but it does act like she is running rich. I guess I need to fiddle with some more to make it worthwhile, I'm not really going to go back to stock :ride:

if you want to sell it lemme know...

With my Edelbrock I average about 28 miles per gallon in the desert. I have a stage one Hotcam and that is why my mileage sucks. My buddy who has the same set up (Edelbrock carb) but stock cam averages 35 mpg in the desert. :ride:

wow then my gas mileage is gonna suck too cause i dont have a stock engine part left.

Well, you must have something way off on the adjustment or somethin...

I have the Edelbrock and it starts much better..would never go back to the stock carb.... :ride:

I don't know why? I am still using your old stock carb and still working great :banana: Thanks Frankstr :ride:

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