ICAT Quick shot 2006 YZ450F Done

I am done. Installed the quick shot and rejetting (thanks used the advise here; right on no popping). Had to gease everything. Changed to Dunlop front 756 tire. Dropped the forks down to the first line. Installed quick bleeders for forks. Installed DID none o-ring chain. Hand quards. Kevin W. bend bars with softer pro tapper grips. Installed the ICAT (It does make a difference, I had somebody here to verify at time of install). Installed Dr D full exhaust. This bike rips the best I have every rode. I was worth making a few changes to get a great bike that performs so well. If anybody has question on tips off TT, do not the direction to go worked great. All my changes came from reading posts. The reason for the post is to thank everybody. You all have my bike screaming. Thanks :ride::banana::busted::smirk::lol:

What difference does the ICAT make? I have heard debates for years on the effectiveness of these things

What difference does the ICAT make? I have heard debates for years on the effectiveness of these things

I'm curious too....

Also I would like to hear how the Dubach did? Where did it add power and how quiet or loud is it?

The Dr D seems to add power everywhere. The good part it is not very different than stock on noise level. I had a White Brothers on a different bike and it was very noisey over stock :ride: . The ICAT seem to do what they say. Easy to start. Crisp throttle repsonce off idle. I can not tell you the power difference because I did the exhaust and ICAT at the same time, so both worked great together. It was only $180.00 so I figure is was not much of a pricey chance to try one. It worked so well I am putting one on my YZ250F 2006. That bike already has the Dr D exhaust.

Please let us know how the ICAT works on your 250F because I am thinking about getting one too.

I will post on both the 250 & 450 chat. All I can say is get one. I will keep everybody posted.

I did the exhaust and ICAT at the same time.

so how do you know that the ICAT does anything?

When I put the pipe on the 250f it did not get the cleaner throttle responce. Starting the bike did not change. The 450 fired up quicker and had been sitting for 5 days after a race, so it was not warm. My friend who is a sponcered woods rider (I race VET motocross) was here and noticed the same thing on throttle repsonce. I will try to get the 250's on today to post, but its mothers day so the wife might can that idea.

I put an ICAT on my '06 YZF 250 and it does help. And from the last couple years of testing between my friends and me, the more things you change, the more the ICAT works. i.e. You put on a pipe, it makes the pipe work better! My throttle response is better and starting is easier now. That's my take anyway.

Got it on my 2006 YZ250F last night and same results. Started easy, and had been sitting for over 1 week. Throttle responce crisper/quicker. The 250 has a quick shot and Dr D full exhaust before install of the ICAT. The 250 was already rejetted and leak jet changed. I will use this product on future bikes. Know waiting on the Applied clamps to come in next. So I quess I am never realy done.

Thx for posting. I think I will get one too.

Not quite sure what all the issues are: I have an '04 450F and an'06 450SE. The past 3 years, my '04 starts like clockwork, 3rd kick cold, 1st or second kick hot. The '06 same thing, 3rd kick cold, 1st or second kick cold. Are my bikes weird, or is there a strange compulsion amongst us to tweak, tune, and add accessories. Throttle response on both bikes vary with temp and altitude, but I compensate with the idle mixture screw...When the internet first became popular, a buddy of mine would read about an illness or sickness, and, sure enough, the next week, he was showing signs of the same. Internet Sickness Syndrome (ISS) I opined. Same pattern here.......

I too fell for the I-cat and the power now/ power plus hype. The per $ return is too small and that is probably why my buddie who has raced for 30 yrs tried to discourage me . I put the I-cat and the power now and power plus on my 04 crf 250 and I couldn't say that it helped. MY $$ would have been better spent on a pipe or cool bling stuff, which is what I bought next and the pipe made the biggest difference.

Sold the turd CRF250 after 2 sets of valves and a big bore kit

currently 06 450LE

00 triumph sprint RS

04 crf 150 wife

04 cr 85 expert daughter

04 RM 125 daughter

04 CR85 son

I agree the pipe made the biggest difference. I raced in the 80's the got into college (girls) and quit. After that I looked for stuff to get into. 4X4 trucks the street racing cars. Products like MSD showed me the benifits to spark duration. The ICAT seems to work on the same lines. The throttle feels stronger. The starting is a way of real world relating the benifits. I am 36 and race VET so I do not fall for everything that comes out also, but this little thing works. You can feel it in the butt-o-meter (joke from street racing days). The power now thing I will not try. Remember the most inportant thing is share our information with reach other so we can make better choices. I would have killed in the 80's for an information system like TT. I will still always remember 80% rider 20% bike but if the riders are close the bike is the difference. Anyway ride blue (yellow LE). :ride::banana::busted:

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