Chain hitting the frame

On my wr450 2006 the chain is hitting the frame by the front sprocket. I checked the measurement and it is within specs. Is anyone having this problem and should I tighten it down a little.

Thanks for the help

I've heard and read of folks having this happen and most seem to chalk it up to a characteristic of the bike.

I just looked at mine and there is no where I can see that the chain made contact with the frame. (400 mi)

During the 'new' run-ins I kept on the chain because it will stretch the most when new and could need tightening every ride for a while.

I run mine on the tighter limit of the spec.

I let mine get 5-10mm out of spec (too loose) and heard the dreaded tinking noise on decel. When loose it will slap the subframe on the inside, part of WR life I hear.

As Odo. says, keep it on the tighter side, I now use the minimum setting and check every ride - no problems. you will have to adjust regularly at first.

Mine is on the min side and I noticed it after a 13 mile ride. Just need to keep an eye on it.

My 04 does it as well. The first time I heard it I thought my engine was coming apart.


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