clutch question

I'm replacing my clutch this week and I heard you need to soak the fiber plates in oil before you install them. How long do I need to soak them? Any specific oil? Also I run Mobil 1 15w/50 in my bike, do I need to run a non-synthetic oil to break in the clutch for a ride or two?

Thanks, Chris

Use the same oil you run in the bike. The plates just need a thin coat of oil before they go together so they don't run dry when you start up. No need to soak them.

While you have the clutch apart, check the basket for grooves. If it is lightly grooved you can touch it up with a file.

Replacing the springs is usually a good idea, and is very inexpensive.

You will be amazed at the difference in feel with a fresh clutch. Well worth the investment.

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