What psi?

I have a stock 06 yz450. I am going to go to the dunes so I put an 8 paddle tire on and was wondering what PSI to run in the paddle and in the front tire.



I think I remember having about 9 psi at both ends, with soft sand. If the sand is wet and firm, go up two psi.

I run between 11-15 depending on the "softness" of the sand.

Check what your paddle says for press-mine calls for 30 psi! I know hard to believe, and I second guessed it myself, but I figure the paddle needs pressure for structural integrity of the paddles. In the front I run low, 5-9 psi

10 psi front and rear, makes the tire float on the sand. You also want to stiffen both ends suspension-wise. The sand will act like your suspension soaking up a lot of the impact before your springs have a chance to compress. Have fun, it's a blast!!

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