650R seems somewhat sensitive to jumping style...

First off I am not a very good jumper so this is also asking for some technique advice, it seems the 650R is very sensitive to maintaining a neutral throttle and or be accelerating right as she comes off the face of the jump, otherwise it nosedives and gets a little hairy. Bike does like ot get some distance though! I am talking less than 3 feet of air underneath the tires. I am thinking perhaps increasing the damping/preload int he front as I am guessing the front is diving alot with a lifted throttle and that is causing the nosedive? Maybe I need to stop letting off the gas a hair as I come over the face? On a positive note...holy crap can this thing climb some hills! We have a couple fairly steep ones that you better have some momentum starting out or a fantastic rear tire and it will start from the very bottom and be accelerating up...I love it.

You don't want to let off the gas coming off a jump on any 4 stroke.

You better give it a pretty big handful of throttle on the face of a jump or the Pig will nosedive like a Kamakazi.

By the way, I know what "uncorked" is, but what does "plated" mean?

plated means it has a license plate to ride legally on the street

Jump a 6 Fiddy R....... Are you kidding. You are driving the Caddy of dirt bikes. Hellooo On star. These bikes are built for wrecking rear tires, nothing more.


If you want to jump, buy a YZ450F or sumthin. :ride:


Having the suspension setup right is a must. For me a 60 foot table top is about the limit but, I have cleared 70 foot table top (lip to lip) just clearing to the down side. I just can't get the balls to hit the ramp hard enough to clear anymore, I dreamed for a while but, coming up short at 70 feet out and flat bottoming was real close to breaking both ankles, crushed nuts and a cracked front rim. I have video (helmet cam) of me over clearing the down side of a 55' table top and hit flat out near 70' and you can here the bike bottoming hard, and that is with a very trick suspension. I over clear the doubles and that was murder. Doubles are out on this bike for me, anything over 45~50'. You have to be dead on or you might be dead. Most all the big stuff I do in low to mid third and get on the throttle the whole face and you must be still on it as you lift off or you will dive the front bad and that is not good.




You don't want to let off the gas coming off a jump on any 4 stroke.
OR... Any 2 stroke either!

Make sure the rear tire clears before you back off the throttle or it's endo time...

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