Rekluse Noise and Clutch Slip

Hi guys, I have a Rekluse / clutch question

First the details - 03 WR450 w/ Rekluse with Perch Adjuster. 5 Tungsten balls. Using Rotella T oil.

I purchased the bike used and this is my first real ride with it.

I bought a used Rekluse and installed it a few weeks ago. Installed gap and clutch lever free play were both within spec. I have it set up for hare scrambles - low stall speed and faster engagement rate.

Tested a couple 5 minute outings on gravel road, ditches and plowed field. Engagement was good. Rechecked gap and it was ok.

Had 1st hare scramble last weekend and everything was great for first 45 minutes. Then clutch seemed to slip and screech when speeding up from a crawl or stop. Once I was up to speed, slipping and screech went away. I didn't push the bike too hard the rest of the race.

I took a look at the Rekluse today and the installed gap was waaay too much. Friction and drive plates seem to be ok. Although the bottom drive plate was pretty blue. (Not sure if it was like that before?)

The clutch basket has very minimal wear ridges. I can barely feel it with fingers. Plates move freely.

So now my questions:

- How do I know if the friction plates should be replaced? They don't appear to be abused. Not sure how old they are.

- Anyone know what the high pitch screeching would be? Yeah, I know it's had to diagnose a sound w/o hearing it.

- The trails in the race were not super tight. Should I run a higher stall speed and slower engagement rate? That is what is suggested for MX.

- Can I adjust clutch engagement (like a normal clutch) using the stock lever adjuster wheel?

Thanks in advance


Sounds like your friction plates are worn out. But the only way to know is to measure them.

Your manual will list a minimum thickness spec.

Mine are still in spec after 2000 miles on the Rekluse, But I wore out the Rekluse pressure plate though :ride:


Thanks Eric,

I measured the friction plates in several different places and they are all within spec.

Are you doing tight woods / technical type riding? What stall speed and engagement rate are you running? What type of wear did you see on your Rekluse pressure plate?


I ride mostly realy tight technical stuff. the light spring works best for me at a low RPM engagment.

As far as the Pressure plate goes, The ball berrings wore out the ball ramps in the pressure plate and grooved the top plate to the point wear one or two balls would stick in the fully engaged position.

See also my post. "Rekluse long term report"

Also make sure your throw out bearing is in good shape.

Good luck,


mmmmmmmmmmmm I had the same experience as you.

I measured everything and they were at the top end of the specs, BUT my gap was waaaaaay out, I ended up doubling up on 2 of the steel plates (beside the plates that rekluse say you have to)to get the gap right, now it runs like a dream.

It' picks up just right and no more stalling.

But I wore out the Rekluse pressure plate though

Where did it wear - on the pressure side, or did the balls wear through?



03 YZ 250F

Thanks for the info guys. I'm wondering if it has to do with the clutch cable. I'll check the installed gap with the lever and cable connected when I have some time.

Don - I think bigdrtrdr wore a spot on the underside of the top plate. Do a search on "Rekluse long term report" to find his post.


Don - I think bigdrtrdr wore a spot on the underside of the top plate. Do a search on "Rekluse long term report" to find his post.

Thats exactly what happend but the ball ramps wore out also.

In fact one of the balls had no shine to it any longer.


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