new 426

Thanks again for everyone's help the past several weeks. I finally found a bike worth getting and I got it this morning. It's a clean, low hour, 2002 YZ426.

I was going to post a picture but the posting rules at the bottom of my page says:

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If you've got pictures, load them up at or something of the sort and just link to them. Congrats on the purchase! :ride:

Great bike

Here is a picture:


I am going to change the pipe, powder coat the frame black, and get the retro yellow kit from One Industries. Mechanically its in good shape but I am going to change to an '03 cam and maybe a rekluse if I can afford it.

Damn! Thats a super clean bike! Very nice!

looks great. why are you going to change the exhaust? too loud?

mine is powder coated black, but i have black plastics, i wouldn't powder coat yours, as the blue looks good with the blue plastics, and it would look cleaner blue.anyway good luck with the bike :ride:

I am only going to change the frame color to better match the yellow. I plan on having the bike for a long time and don't think I will go back to the blue anytime soon.

As far as the exhaust I do some riding in a national forest and they do inspect the bikes. I was thinking of the FMF Q2 but don't know if I should get a regular FMF and buy the inserts. I am not an "expert" rider and I don't think I will miss the little bit of power that will be "robbed" with the Q2. I am open to any thoughts and suggestions.

While talking about it, can anyone tell me why the Pro Circuit pipe (the forest friendly one) is $100 more than the FMF. I have always like Pro Circuit but I can't justify $100 more just for the big name (they have bragging rights since most the winning supercross bikes have Pro Circuit pipes...)

Larry,I have a fmf q core in my garage I'll sell you :ride:

That's pretty funny-did you look at the picture of the bike, might look familiar to you...

If I get a Q I think I will what the newer one, the original seems a bit long to me.

holy hell did you just take it out of the crate of wat?? am jealous, minds kinda coming close on "beat to hell"!! goodluck wif your new bike!!

Ya, I've seen that bike somewhere. I think all the Q pipes are pretty long that is what helps make them quiet.

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