New BRP on the way

Hey all: I just wanted to say that my new 650R is on the way to the dealer this week. I've got the power-up kit, Renthal bars, Clarke 4 gal tank, IMS pegs and some Race Tech progressive fork springs on the way too. I can hardly wait. I'll have to get a smugmug account so I can post some pics of the tear down, greasing and uncorking. :ride:

Congrats Man. :ride::banana::busted::smirk:



When do we get to see it?

As soon as it's in the barn I'm getting some pics.. Hopefully early this week :ride: .


Cool! Looking forward to the build!

And here she is !!!!!


it is hard to belive all of our bikes looked like that at one point. sweet looking ride now get to work on that pig

I love the stock look best of all. Looks great! Makes me want to get the L a companion.

I love the smell of a new bike. :ride:

it is hard to belive all of our bikes looked like that at one point.

Makes me wish I would have taken a "before" picture.

Enjoy the ride.......... :ride:

Thanks for all the kind "new motorbike" comments fellas :ride: . I'll get pics of the un-cork and new parts soon. I fired it up and did some laps around the front yard last night. The missus didn't care for that much :busted: . The BRP sure is congested in stock form :banana: .

That will change soon :smirk:

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