03 wr450 Hot Start Lever Questions


I am new to the forum and new to a recently purchased 2003 wr450 with low hours. Can someone please explain what the hot start lever does (is it compression release or secondary air bleed or what). My lever will not move with all the force I can give it with my index finger. How far should it be able to pull? How easy to pull it? Does it have a spring loaded return. ANyone who is familiar with this problem and can offer good lubrication tip for freeing it up would really be helping me out.

PS - I love this motorcycle. I used to have a few YZ250s back in the late 80s and then got out of riding for 15 years while I was in college, job kids etc. But now I am back and really excited about this bike it is really nice.


I'm not certain with the 03's but the 05 & 06 HS lever actualy lean the a/f mixture to make stalls during warm conditions eaiser to start.

To answer some of your questions:

The lever should move using very little force

It is spring loaded so it will return when released.

If it is stuck, remove the carb and disassembly it to find the problem.

The hot start is a must (at least on my bike) when stopped warm.

Besides, it could be stuck in open position...making your bike run lean(er) depending on how it is jetted now.

When I pull this lever when the engine is running it increases the engine speed with a couple of hundred rpm's.

If I were you I'll get this cured immediately.

Just my opinion, no one elses...


the lever should be very easy to pull in with one finger. it should have about one eigth inch of slack at the lever. it's a very simple set up. it's also very easy to put the cable in a bind when the tank is reinstalled or other work is done. look at the side of the carb. you will see a single cable comming into the carb from under the tank. it is held in with a plastic nut like fitting. remove the cable at the carb and check for problems. be aware, the "nut like fitting" is plastic and the threads will strip with very little force or if cross threaded.

When i buyed my 2003 wr i didn't notice that i don't have the hot lever start. When my bike it never ever need to use it so i dint bother replace it yet.

I never use mine either.

It lets extra air in the carb for when the bike is hot.

If you remove the stock plastic nut on the carb to take the cable off and inspect, you'll most likely be looking for an after factory metal nut as that cheap plastic one goes ka-put very easy.

I never use mine either.

Serious? My bike wont start without it when hot!!!

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