e-start on a 2006 yx450f???

I have a buddy that just bought a new yz450f for trail riding. He likes the power of the bike but wants to do a few mods to make the bike a bit more friendly in the woods. Can the e start from a 2006 wr be put on his bike?

E-start adds a lot of weight. I dont think that you would be able to do that unless you fabricated some mounts for it. WR- steel frame YZ- aluminum frame

my 06 is one of the easiest bikes to start i've even owned...once he gets it jetted correctly, his will be too i think.

anyway...i dont see the estart stuff working. the 06 has different engine cases than any current wr...doesnt the estart stuff get built into the case?

I have no idea why anyone would want estart on this bike. Mine was a bitch to start when new. Now that it is broken in I can and have started it by hand.

To directly answer the question, "yes", theoretically, you could, but only if you change about $1500 of parts, including the crankcases, so, "no", not really.

In fact, with an '06, you'd almost have to change the entire engine because of the change in cylinder angle, and then, you'd need to build and mount an external oil tank. Not too practical, wouldn't you say?

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