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I just got back from the Auto Club with a plate in my hand. The main thing Auto Club wanted to see was some sort of odometer that read mileage. I borrowed one from a friend off a mid 80's XL600 that read 8,120 miles. I shoved it between the triple clamp and the headlight bucket while in the parking lot. Other than that my bike has stock headlight, taillight and no turn signals. For anyone wanting a Ca plate it would be my recommendation to get the Vermont plate then do the transfer at Auto Club. Tell them it is a dualsport bike but you DO NOT want the dirt registration. Just thought I would give an update. Eric


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Way to go dude!

That's the best one I've heard yet. How did you get the Vermont plate?

Ron, my bike already had an Idaho plate but you can get info on how to get a Vermont plate from I've heard you can do the entire transaction through the mail. Eric

Blue Boner

You are the man. What Auto Club branch did you use? I tried exactly the same deal with an AZ plate on my 98 WR400 at the Huntington Beach office and they refused to touch the bike. The saw the knobby tires and declared it a dirt bike and told be to go home.


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My new 02 is almost here and I also would like to know which AAA you went to? Mine has a sign out front that says no out of state transfers!!

Fellas, I went to the AAA branch off Alicia and the 5 fwy, I guess that would be Laguna Hills for my first visit and I went to the Tustin Ranch branch for my last two visits. If I had to do it again I would take the bike out of the back of my truck and make it look like I rode the thing to the branch. As far as a AAA not wanting to look at the bike, make sure you make it clear it is not a dirt bike and you don't want dirt registration. Tell them it is for the street but can be used as a dual sport if they ask other than that it is a motorcycle. This is actually the second bike I have got away with this at the auto club so keep trying. Eric


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Thanks big G. I haven't gotten my 02 yet and don't want to screw it up for myself or anyone else. I want to get it right the first time, that's why I,m asking here instead of the dmv. In my case as written previously my dmv has a sign that says no out of state transfers. That's why I asked about another sympathetic dmv! Please let me know if you find a better way to make the ball roll. Yes I have looked at many of the old posts and haven't found anything that seemed concrete. If you come up with something, please drop me a note.


Hello, I'm a first-time poster and just had to give my .02 cents on the experiences I've had at DMV getting street plates on my bike. I bought a 1986 TT350 which is similar to the XT350 but has no turn lights,horn, odometer etc. All I did was get a blank brake and light inspection form and had a rubber stamp made up of a certain shop(shop name, address, phone# etc.) that performs B&L inspections here. I forged the B&L inspection, brought the offroad title to DMV and told them I wanted it switched to a street title. They said it was fine as long as the 8th dig. of the VIN wasn't a "C" or a "3". After an hour of confusion with the DMV clerk and $40.00 I had my plate. They never even had to see the bike. I did this again later with my bosses 1996 XR400R. Of course, the DMV here in San Fran. is a total nightmare. Very few of the workers in the DMV even speak english and it reminds of the bar from StarWars. Anyway they are totally confused by offroad issues as they have also given me a green sticker for a 2000 CR125 which I think was supposed to have the red one. Of course I wouldn't recommend anyone doing this because I'm sure it's illegal and dangerous, but hey, I have to drive for at least an hour to ride off-road so I figure the state owes me something. By the way, does anyone know which brake light switch will work well with the WR426? I'm figuring to get one next year and the brake light is one that I do want to have work. Thanks in advance.

Big_G, I think before you go bashing others for posting their success with getting a Ca plate you need to read through the entire post you are replying to. This wasn't a question I was asking you to map out for me, I was just trying to help people like you without a plate. If I have a plate how am I screwing up the registration process for guys with new bikes? Did anyone on this thread mention anything about the DMV? Sorry, I think only the Auto Club was mentioned. You need to take into consideration that different agencies do things differently and different people have different experiences with the plate process so more info should be merry. Also, the suggestion about getting the Vermont plate was again mentioned. An out of state transfer is the way to go because the bike already has a street title making the transaction a transfer not a new bike reg/inspection. If it is okay with you I will post my friends results with getting a plate that has a signed statement of fact for his older XR. I know it is smoggy and hot in the "909" but you need to chill out. This board is about sharing new info not just digging up the old. I'm out, Eric

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