Taller bars, do the cables reach?

Say a CR high bend? :ride:

Yes, all the cables will reach with the CR Highs and a taller tripleclamp, but you may have to route the cables a little differently. Years ago I used to run CR Highs and a BRP triple clamp that raised the bars on my 650R with the stock cables years ago, but I've since gone to a custom set of bars that are even taller and they require the use of longer custom cables.

is the taller triple needed for some reason? or just another way of getting height?

I have Renthals with I "think" the high CR bend on my 350, thinking about taking them since I'm selling it anyway.

Not needed. I just did it for extra height and a bit more reach since the clamps I use put the bars a bit higher and farther forward.

Say a CR high bend? :ride:

I run the "Windham" Pro Taper bar (about the same height as the CR high but slightly different bend from what I can tell by feel) and the Scotts sub mount upper clamp. I'm 6' and this put the bars in a very comfortable position. I did have to get longer throttle cables and I run the Precision Concepts cable guide for the clutch cable.

I also have the Windham bend (less pull back than CR-HI) Pro Tapers and Pro Tapers riser/adapters. I have the Contour series though, not the EA-70 and the Contours are only 31.50" wide versus 32" of the EA-70. I'm at the outer limits of the cables. Didn't seem to notice an issue with the throttle, but I did set the clutch about 1/4" in farther... It's more comfortable now anyway. You can always cut the bars, but I like all 31.50" since I'm 6'4". Probably depends if you set them at 0 position or crank them forward. That's why I got the Windham bend.... less pull back. You have to get the XR better for standing. It sucks stock form.

Probably the only way to see if the cables are long enough is to try it. If they're too tight, try trimming the end of the bars a little bit. This worked great for me.

Ok.. If needed... Who sells longer thottle cables. or is there a cross reference to another mc that will work?

I have the CR High bend Pro Tapers with risers/adapters as well. If you leave the bars uncut it will work, but barely. It puts the throttle cables at their limit, clutch is no probem.

Then I got an Edelbrock carb and it came with cables that are slightly longer than stock: perfect fit.

But id did work with stock cables, there just wasn't much slack if any and you have to rotate the throttle body for shortest distance.


Ok.. If needed... Who sells longer thottle cables. or is there a cross reference to another mc that will work?

I got my cables from Scotts. Don't remember the price though.

I am running a BRP triple clamp set up with CR-Hi Pro tapers with no problems with my cables. You just have to be careful with the routing.

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