engine noise - is this too loud? valve adj. needed?

If you wonder if the valves need adjusting, why not check the clearance?

well i'm new to the bike, and maybe the noise is normal..

i'll do that when i get the chance

I find that recordings of an engine are unreliable tools for diagnosing noises. The never sound good enough to be like listening to the real thing. Your best bet is to listen to one or more other similar bikes and compare them. The big YZF's do make a good deal of mechanical racket, and you are not the first person ever to become concerned by it.

i actually wasnt concerned at first, but then a friend of mine dropped by in his wr400... and it's just too quiet compared to mine.

weird thing is the noise kind of comes and goes. maybe its the cct.. i'll have to take the top off and check stuff.

anyway thanks for the input :ride:

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