Price of a Wr426

I would like to buy a new wr426. Who can tell me were to find the best price. I hear there are a lot of leftover 2001's. Any help will be appreciated.

Just got my '01 about 6 weeks ago. $5150 out the door! That was out of state, so no sales tax included on that price. Go to yamaha's website and get a list of regional'll find one!

I can't believe prices are dropping like that. I paid $6100.00 for my WR400 out the door. I need a 426 Bad.....

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1999 WR 400F:

Headlight Removed,Odo Removed,Gray Wire - Cut,Throttle Stop - Trimmed,YZ Timing,GYT-R Pro-Bend Hand Guards /Tripple Clamp Mounts,YZ Front/Rear Fender,YZ Number Plate,DEVOL Radiator Guards,Race Tech Suspension(by MXTuner),Dunlop 756 Front and Rear,Renthal Fat Bars W/GYT-R Pad,Renthal 14/53 Gearing,DID Race Chain,Custom Grips,Graphics by CEET,White Brothers E-Series Exhaust,Modified Compression Release,Acerbis Frame Guards,12 oz Flywheel Weight;Polaris 400 Sport,Polaris 250 Trailblazer

Paid $5600 otd for my 02' in NC. Also have a 99' YZ400 for sale. Great shape, great price, $3200.

you can go to and find the used prices, i have not come across any site that has wholesale/retail motorcycle prices.

my friend just bought a 2001 from a guy who has only 5 hours on it. It isn't even broke in yet. The guy sold it cause he was going bankrupt for $3000. amazing huh

Wow! For that price I wouldn't mind picking up a nice (barely) used YZ! That way, I could have a trail bike and a track bike... no need to worry about all the YZ mods... just a separate bike. Anyone wanna sell their 2001 YZ cheap?

Originally posted by pgdirtman:

Paid $5600 otd for my 02' in NC. Also have a 99' YZ400 for sale. Great shape, great price, $3200.

Hey dirtman...where do you ride in the Charlotte area?


'00 WR400F

No I live in northern Michigan. Where the dealer is located is not important to me because all the Yamaha dealers in my area suck. I usually do all my own wrenching. I just want to find the best price.

$5800 otd, in the crate...



01' WR426

99' YZ400

87' FZR1000

Uh, like twist the throttle...

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